EXIN was originally established in 1984 as a foundation by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in the Netherlands. The EXIN Foundation was tasked with creating an examination for training in the ‘Automation and Mechanization of Administrative Information Processing’ (known as AMBI in Dutch). Over the years, this foundation developed into what is now known as EXIN.


In the past three decades, EXIN has gone on to create a number of IT standards. The most notable of these include the IT Practical Diploma, ITIL®, PRINCE2® and ISPL. Currently, EXIN focuses on responding to market trends with certifications such as DevOps, Agile Scrum, Information Security and SIAM.

IT Competence Framework

During the 90s, EXIN worked together with a group of IT organizations to develop Frameworks. This consisted of a framework of IT competences that are based on the European Career Space standard. After this, EXIN helped develop the European Competence framework as a cooperative effort with the e-CF Alliance.

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