Problem Solving


The Problem Solving workshops introduces a variety of useful and commonly applied techniques for decision making and problem solving. Between each theory session, the participants work together or in groups to apply the techniques to real issues within their workplace, culminating in a Proposal that incorporates their work and proposed approach to resolution. The techniques are introduced in a typical order to provide a framework for effective translation to the workplace.


Founded in 1958, the Princeton, New Jersey-based Kepner-Tregoe is the international leader in developing critical thinking skills. Kepner-Tregoe is a global leader in improving business performance through proprietary organizational transformation and troubleshooting methodologies. This proven methodology has been used to maximize service performance at global organizations, such as NASA, IBM, Sun Microsystems, RIM and Siemens.

The Kepner-Tregoe Foundation course is beneficial for individuals who want to be trained and certified in a best practice that is recommended for problem analysis (Kepner-Tregoe is referenced as a best practice in the official ITIL® Service Operation publication).

Kepner-Tregoe Foundation course introduces a systematic process of problem solving when responding to incidents and problems. The course is designed for individuals who work in trouble shooting environments. This allows them to deliver a high level of quality and consistency in customer support. The course equips participants with the terminology, structure and basic concepts of Kepner-Tregoe’s problem management and incident management techniques, such as Situation Appraisal, Problem Analysis, Decision Analysis and Potential Problem Analysis.

  • Kepner-Tregoe Foundation Certification

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